Revolutionizing Education: Celebrating the Inauguration of Our Fifth RTCi Classroom in Indonesia

Revolutionizing Education: Celebrating the Inauguration of Our Fifth RTCi Classroom in Indonesia

MTSN 1 Tangerang Selatan School: Becomes Pilot Project for Digital Class by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with KSKK

Education is a cornerstone of progress, and we, at Advanced Education Group, are proud to share a significant step forward in our journey to reshape the educational landscape. The recent inauguration of our fifth #RTCi Classroom at MTSN 1 Tangerang Selatan school in Indonesia, has us beaming with excitement and pride. This momentous occasion marks not just another milestone, but a transformative leap towards redefining education as we know it.

🏫 Embracing Visionary Education

MTsN 1 Tangerang Selatan stands as a shining example of educational excellence. Operating under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, this exceptional institution has not merely embraced innovation; it has woven it into the very fabric of its educational framework. With collaborative efforts and visionary leadership, they’ve partnered with us to implement the #ReinventtheClassroom framework, a cutting-edge initiative powered by HP with Intel and Google for Education.

Sidik Sisdiyanto, Acting Director of KSKK (Curriculum, Facilities, Institutional, and Student Affairs), stated that if this project succeeds, it will be extended to other madrasahs across Indonesia. He mentioned his understanding of the inevitable digitalization nowadays, and how it affects every aspect of our lives, including education.

On Thursday, August 24, he explained:»As a ministry that oversees the field of education, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has established a digital transformation program for all madrasahs. This program is implemented in the form of digital classes, which is currently a priority program for the Ministry of Religion Affairs, specifically the Directorate of KSKK. We hope that the established collaboration can continue, so that more madrasahs can have digital class facilities.»

Meanwhile, the Head of MTsN 1 Kota Tangerang Selatan, Dr. H. Ade Zaenudin, M.A., as the event organizer, mentioned in his speech that the presence of the digital class at MTsN 1 Kota Tangerang Selatan is a tangible manifestation of the madrasah’s response to the challenges of society’s current needs in the information era.

On the other hand, the resounding feedback we’ve received from Leaders, Teachers, Students, and Parents is a testament to the impact of our collaborative efforts. Their enthusiastic responses have lit a fire within us. We’re not just touched by their words; we’re propelled by them. Their unwavering support fuels our determination to extend our transformative initiatives to more schools, creating a ripple effect of positive change across educational communities.


🌍 A Global Vision for Education

Our journey towards revolutionizing education has just begun, and the inauguration of our fifth RTCi Classroom is a pivotal moment in our global vision to transform education on a larger scale. We’re committed to providing innovative learning experiences that empower students and educators alike, ensuring they’re equipped to navigate the challenges of the future.

The potential held within the walls of the new RTCi Classroom is immense, and the stories that will be written within its confines are bound to be extraordinary. The excitement is palpable as we eagerly await the outcomes of this endeavor.

As we continue this inspiring journey, we invite you to stay tuned. Together, we’ll unfold the chapters of inspiration and growth within the RTCi classrooms. Our goal is clear: to make education a beacon of change, empowerment, and boundless opportunity.

We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to MTsN 1 Tangerang Selatan for their wholehearted embrace of our framework. Their commitment is inspiring, serving as a guiding light for others to follow suit. A special mention goes to the educators, whose dedication and passion have seamlessly integrated new-age pedagogy into their teaching methodologies.

Education is a shared responsibility, follow us on social media for updates, insights, and stories that showcase the power of innovative education in action. If you have any questions, thoughts, or if you’d like to be a part of this exciting journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here, ready to make a difference, one classroom at a time. Together, we’ll create a future where learning knows no bounds

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable chapter in education. Together, we’re shaping a brighter tomorrow. 🌍📖

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